Volunteering for Salud! Cooking School at Whole Foods Market is a fun and rewarding experience. Each class for which you volunteer, you will receive one "point." Once you earn four "points," you are able to take a class for free. Volunteering means that you arrive an hour prior to the class and assist the chef instructor in set-up of the kitchen and dining area, clear and clean dishes during the class, fill water and wine for the participants, and clean up at the end of the class.


In the process of volunteering, you will catch lots of great cooking tips from the instructors and may even get to taste the dishes! Most importantly, we are all here to create an inviting environment, so be prepared to have fun!


If you would like to be a Salud! volunteer, please fill out a registration form (click on the "Registration" tab at the top of the page). Once you have completed that, we will accept you as an active user, and you will be able to view the calendar. You will also receive reminder e-mails as to the time and date of the class for which you will be volunteering.

Any questions? E-mail Mara, at mara.norris@wholefoods.com or sharonrd.salud@wholefoods.com to reach all 3 chefs